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Open Water Safety

All Swimming Wellington ocean swims are run in partnership with PWR Water Safety, and provide participants with gold standard safety when competing in open water events

Water Safety

- Swimmers are responsible for their own physical condition and are urged to train appropriately for the event (be able to swim the full distance and have open water swimming experience) and have a medical check prior to entry if required.

- It is important to note that, while every effort will be made to ensure a safe and fun event, organisers and crew are unable to guarantee swimmer safety.

- Water safety personnel will be patrolling the course for the duration of your event

- Medical staff from Wellington Free will also be on-site with additional resources.

- A swimmer deemed incapable of completing the course in a satisfactory condition will be brought to shore by water safety personnel.

- If assistance is required during the swim, swimmers are required to raise one arm so water safety personnel can assist. If this is not possible, the swimmer should roll onto their back to float in a relaxed position and try to alert water safety personnel.

- In the event of a withdraw, please alert a clearly marked event official. Timing chips need to be returned to indicate the withdrawal.

- All swimmers should be vigilant when swimming around buoys and passing other swimmers.

-  Swimmers are recommended to wear a wetsuit for assistance with buoyancy and warmth

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