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9 Principles

Balance is Better is about creating quality experiences for all young people to keep them active and in the game.

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Balance is Better

Balance is Better is a Sport NZ-led evidence-based philosophy to support quality sport experiences for all young people, regardless of ability, needs and motivations. It is about young people staying involved in the sport for life and realising their potential at the right time.

The Spine

Download the easy to understand guide to how children's attitudes and behaviours are developed through their sporting experiences.

For Coaches

Hey coach! Here's 5 simple tips to help everyone enjoy sport more. Our children are the future and they look up to you more than anyone.

For Parents

Thanks for helping your child make the most out of their sporting experience. Here's 5 quick tips to help make this season a great one.

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Good Sports

Good Sports is all about creating positive sporting experiences for children and young people. It does this by supporting and educating parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers and sport leaders about how they can impact a child’s experience.

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