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Regional event pathway

Long-Term Athlete Development Pathway / Competition Levels

As per Swimming New Zealand’s guidelines the regional pathway has been designed with Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) in mind. Swimmers can target each level of competition from participation at grassroots to performance at a national level. See below the Wellington and SNZ event structures.



Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

High Performance

International Comps/NZ National Teams

Training to Win & Perform


NZ Swimming Championships

National Age Group Swimming Championships

Training to Compete & Perform


Division II Swimming Championship

Major Regional Championships

Training to Train & Develop


Regional Swimming

Skill Development & Participation


Inter Club, Club Champs, Club Meets

Fundamentals & Play

Target events - member meet level

The below outlines the relevant events which can be entered by specific member categories, age ranges and qualifying eligibility. Each level of competition should be a stepping stone for the next, with swimmers typically taking part in a number of events on each step of the pathway.

Tier 3 (Regional

Qualifying meet)

Tier 2 (National

Qualifying meet)

Tier 1


Qualifying meet)

Regional Champs

National Champs

Membership status

Club & Competitive members

Club & Competitive members

Competitive members

Competitive members

Competitive members

Age range

All ages

All ages

12yrs & Over

Junior or senior specific

Junior or senior specific

Qualifying times


Entry times achieved from any meets in the SNZ database

(No qualifying times)

Entry times achieved from any meets in the SNZ database

(No qualifying times)

Qualifying times achieved from any meets in the SNZ database

Qualifying times achieved from ‘National Qualifying’ meets or Regional Champs

Qualifying Times Structure

The below diagram shows which times can be used to enter each tier of competition in the Wellington region. Times achieved can be used to qualify for different meets. Swimmers are encouraged to participate at each level to learn the skills needed to race at every tier on the pathway.

If you have any questions on the new structure for the events in our region please do contact Louise Tresch at to discuss further.

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